An Explanation of Cyberfeminism


“What is Cyberfeminism” is question that isn’t asked enough due to people’s unfamiliarity with the movement. The term Cyberfeminism itself sounds like it was plucked directly from a William Gibson novel from the 1990’s. Though the William Gibson part isn’t true, cyberfeminism is a feminist movement that began in the 1990’s. According to the first twelve of the “100 anti-theses” drafted by early cyberfeminists:

  1. cyberfeminism is not a fragrance
  2. cyberfeminism is not a fashion statement
  3. sajbrfeminizm nije usamljen
  4. cyberfeminism is not ideology
  5. cyberfeminism nije aseksualan
  6. cyberfeminism is not boring
  7. cyberfeminism ist kein gruenes haekeldeckchen
  8. cyberfeminism ist kein leerer kuehlschrank
  9. cyberfeminism ist keine theorie
  10. cyberfeminism ist keine praxis
  11. cyberfeminism ist keine traditio
  12. cyberfeminism is not an institution

While the theses are useful in determining what cyberfeminism is not, it is less useful in helping outsiders understand what cyberfeminism is. Luckily, you’re friendly neighborhood cyber feminist is here to help you understand for yourself!

Cyberfeminism is a broad and versatile branch of feminism. Cyberfeminism is a community, art movmement, philosophy, theory, and set of practices that is concerned with both social inequalities related the use and production of technology, and creating a feminist voice online.More than that, cyberfeminism consists of your own online DIY – women making spaces on and off line with current technology. With that in mind, this website provides the tools that you need to make your own definition of cyberfeminism:

1.) The Theoretical Influences of Cyberfeminism looks at the feminist texts that cyberfeminists draw on and use to define the movement.

2.) The History of Cyberfeminism looks at the development and formation of the movement from the 1990’s to the early 2000’s. This portion introduces important figures in the cyberfeminist movement and key texts.

3.) Cyberfeminist Texts and Sources is a list of important cyberfeminist texts (and often links to said texts) and also an aggregation of cyberfeminist leaning organizations and websites for those that want to explore the movement more on their own time.

3 comments on “An Explanation of Cyberfeminism
  1. Katha Baur says:

    Hej there. I’m impressed by your work here. But who did this? I cannot find any source. I’m working on my masters thesis about cyberfeminism and cyberfeminist activism and this page is a great source and possibility of connection! greets from switzerland 🙂

    • Kate Reynolds says:

      Greetings from the U.S.! This website was a part of my portfolio project for a Graduate certificate in Gender and Women’s studies. I’ve been out of the academic game for a few years, but I know I have a few folders on my computer that with even more Cyberfeminist texts than what made it onto this website. I’d be happy to share what I have if you have any specific questions! Here’s a portolio of my other online and academic works:

  2. Farvez Afridi Faizur Rahman says:

    Hey there!

    I am doing a presentation of Cyberfeminism and I am the only one who is doing it in the entire university.

    Your work is astounding. I would love to have to see some texts you have referred to during the creation of this work. 🙂

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